The Winter Olympic games in 1994 are known as the first “Green Olympics”. In many ways, the games in 94 set a new standard when it comes to environment and sustainability. In the years after the games and upon today, the Lillehammer region still has a strong sustainability focus. Read more:

The Sustainable Legacy in the Olympic Region. 

Lillehammer – the “White-Green” Games that transformed Norwegian sport 

The Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Center aims to continue this important legacy and make sure our activities and projects are driven in a sustainable way. Below you can see how we do this.

These are the main UN-goals we are targeting:

This is what we do:

  • We organize international training camps where athletes have physical sessions each day of the camp. 
  • We facilitates fun activities involving physical activity on different levels in all our events.
  • We host Olympic Day which facilitates an arena where people of all age groups gets the chance to try new activities that promotes good health and well-being.

  • Lillehammer Young Leaders Program is a program we organize to promote and develop young leaders in sports. We facilitate an arena for academic and social learning across borders.
  • At all our training camps we strive to give the coaches an arena to share experience and knowledge.
  • The Olympic values are an important aspect of all our projects. With support from the IOC, we have our own Olympic values program that is organized in close corporation with the Norwegian Olympic museum and the Gausdal High School Pierre de Coubertin.  

  • Girls and boys are welcome to partcipate in all the events we organize. 
  • We strive to have a balanced gender partipation in our events. 

  • If needed, we host training camps for girls only to strengthen girls in sports. 
  • We have participants from countries all over the world in our activities. We aim to create an arena where all men and women are equal no matter where they come from. 

  • We use public transportation when our participants need to get around. We also encourage them to take the train or bus to and from Lillehammer. 
  • We only corporate with suppliers that have been environmentally certificated. That way we ensure that the products we buy are carried out sustainably.

  • We are lucky to be able to gather educated people from all around the world. We create an arena where people meet and can share their knowledge. 
  • We strive to facilitate learning and education for young athletes and young leaders in sports so that they can work together towards common goals. 
  • Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Centre is developing a sustainable work shop that should inspire our target groups to think more sustainable.